Grad Night FAQ

Popular Questions by Parents & Senior Students

The Facts:

Here is what you need to know:

Who: All graduating seniors from Catalyst High School, COA, and Newberg High School are invited!

What: Grad Night is an all night safe, drug, and alcohol free event sponsored by parents for their seniors. Grad night begins 45 minutes after the graduation ceremony. After they have changed clothes, students are asked to go into the auxiliary gym where they are pre-registered to check in and given light refreshments. They are then loaded onto NHS buses and driven to a surprise party location. Upon return to the high school the next morning as outlined by the planning committee.

**Students must leave all electronic devices behind (or check in at registration).

**Tobacco, vape, alcohol, or narcotics will not be permitted during the event.

When: Event check-in 45 minutes after the graduation ceremony ends.

Where: The event location and activities are a surprise!!!!


  • No alcohol, tobacco or drugs allowed. Grads who are found to be under the influence will be banned from the party, and will not receive a refund of the ticket price

  • No outside food or drinks will be allowed

  • Students must board the bus on time

  • The party is a lock-in and no grad will be allowed to leave without prior written permission from his/her parent or guardian

  • Backpacks, bags and phones are not allowed at the party

  • Students do not need to bring additional cash


I don't want my parents to chaperone!

Believe it or not, you will probably not see your parent/guardian but a couple times in the night. Parents/guardians are needed and we know this night is important to seniors, if your parent is weighing you down, we can reassign them to a location away from where you are.

Do I have to chaperone all Night?

Nope, you can pick the first half, the last half, the check out process... there are many ways to help!!!

Is it really all night long?

Yes, Grad Night is all night long. We think our seniors deserve a party with the friends that they have had through out their whole life. This may be the last time they see these friends for decades, or ever....

Where is it held?

It's a secret!! Only a few committee parents know the exact details, and even that is very few. We want it to be a surprise and fun event for everyone.

When is it?

Grad Night starts about 45 minutes after the graduation ceremony ends. We plan the event so that students don't need to go home after graduation and have to hurry back.

How do I register?

Be sure to check your emails and follow us on Facebook to get the information needed to register! Notification will be sent as soon as registration begins.

What is the cost?

The cost of Grad Night varies year to year. We aim to keep the cost under $100, but the more we fundraise, the less the fee is for students. Scholarships are available for those who need it.

It is a financial burden on my family.

We believe that every graduating senior should have the opportunity to go to Grad Night. We do not want the ability to pay for Grad Night to be a factor in your decision to go. If you would like a scholarship, just select that option on the registration form.

Can I drive myself to Grad Night?

No one will be permitted to drive to the venue. Transportation will be provided by bus to the venue. We encourage parents to drop off and pick up Grad Night attendees at NHS. Attendees will be up all night, and may be too tired to drive in the early morning. Cars left overnight in the school parking lot are not monitored and it is very dark when the parking lot lights go out.

How do I contact a Grad Night attendee in an emergency?

Detailed information will be provided closer to the date of the event. We will find the attendee and have them contact you. You will have access to a committee members cell phone number if you need to contact us during the night of the event.

Can my senior invite a friend or family member to participate?

No, the event is for Newberg High school seniors only.

What if my senior decides not to go, is there a refund?

No, there are no refunds for Grad Night tickets. Please contact if you have further questions.

Can my child leave early?

It is not encouraged, but if your student must leave, please make arrangements with the check-in personnel at the beginning of Grad Night. Only a parent or legal guardian can pick up their senior.